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Russian Comfrey

At Marsh Creek Farmstead we have been growing and selling the Bocking 14 variety of Russian Comfrey for 4 years. This sterile variety of comfrey grows very well in USDA zones 2 through 9 and is adaptable to a wide variety of climates. Comfrey has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb as well as a fertility builder and animal feed supplement.  Add some to your property today!

  • Non-invasive Bocking 4 and 14 form of comfrey, which will not produce viable seed.
  • Bocking-14 comfrey is the most desirable cultivar for making a tea to fertilize your garden with an NPK ratio 1.8 / 0.5 /5.3. 
  • Comfrey is a dynamic accumulator of nutrients, most notably iron, silicon, nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium and many trace minerals.
  • Save money on animal feed! Comfrey is used worldwide as an animal fodder. Dried comfrey leaves contain 26% protein. 
  • Comfrey is the only plant which harvests vitamin B-12 from the soil!
  • Use comfrey leaves to turbo-charge your compost pile, especially piles made predominately made from carbon heavy "browns" like dry leaves, straw, brush, wood chips or shavings, etc.
  • High Protein — 22% to 33%
  • Provides Vitamins A, C, B-12
  • Very Drought Resistant
  • Rich in Silicon, Calcium, and Trace Minerals
  • High Food Value For Animals
But...Ive Heard Its "Invasive"

If you ask me, The qualities that make comfrey “invasive” also makes it one of the most amazing plants around! Comfrey will grow where other plants won’t and it gives back in a big way. It’s a plant that I want growing everywhere on my property. I’ve currently got it planted under fruit trees to be used as chop-n-drop nutrients and along my driveway to help reduce erosion, increase organic matter and bring in pollinators.


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